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Dedicate a Child

Mother's Day | May 10, 2020 | 10am

Glad you're interested in Child Dedication!

Dedicating a child to the Lord Jesus Christ is a time-honored tradition.

It is a parent's or guardian's way of entrusting the ultimate protection, well-being and calling of the child into the hands of their sovereign and loving Creator, who knows best how to position them to fulfill their life purpose.

It is also a parent's or guardian's way of saying, "We value the life of our child so much that we're committing ourselves to raise this child to love the House of the Lord, the Word of the Lord, and Jesus Christ, who is the Lord."

Whether you are married with children or single, raising children on your own, we want to dedicate your child to the Lord with you!

Take a moment to sign your child up for the next Child Dedication Ceremony below, then 'click' the submit button. We'll reach out to you with the date, time and instructions regarding the next ceremony.