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Save Stedman PHC to the home screen on all your mobile devices for one-click access

Our website is our app ... save it to the home screen on all your mobile devices for one-click access

Regardless of the mobile device or browser you use, the Stedman PHC website can be added to your smartphone or tablet's home screen with minimal effort, providing you with our church's favicon (logo) and giving you one-click access to the online world of Stedman PH Church.

In other words, once saved to your home screen, our logo is the app.

How to add the Stedman PHC favicon (logo) to your mobile device's home screen

While each smartphone or tablet requires a slightly different process for adding a website to your device's home screen the process is relatively simple. For example, on many Apple devices, particularly when using 'Safari' as the browser, there is an easily accessible 'Add to Homescreen' feature. Android devices and the 'Chrome' browser also have a similar 'Add to Homescreen' feature, though it may not be worded that way. You can search the web or your mobile device's internal browser to determine what that feature looks like.

Nonetheless, once you have taken those steps to save Stedman PH Church's website to your home screen, the Stedman PHC logo will automatically appear on your mobile device's screen serving as the church's app, giving you one-click access to all of the website content of Stedman PH Church. Enjoy!