Start a Community Group

Have you ever considered facilitating a group of any kind? It can be completely unique to you!

At Stedman PHC, we make it super simple to start and facilitate a group.

And what's more ... it's rewarding, requires little time commitment, and can be completely unique to you!

At Stedman PHC, we make it simple to start a group using our RightNow Media library.

Think of RightNow Media as the Netflix of Christian videos. Using your laptop, smart device, or smart TV you can browse and stream world-class, video-driven content created for adults, youth, and children by trusted names.

See a study you like? Great! Why not start and facilitate that video series? We’ll help you get the word out.

Host it in your home, a cafe, or one of our many classrooms on the Stedman PHC campus.

What makes the RightNow Media library so awesome is that you can facilitate a Community Group (CG) video-based series that lasts as few as four meetings or one that lasts for up to eight to twelve weeks. The choice is yours.

Preview a RightNow Media Clip

Using RightNow Media you can facilitate a Community Group geared to singles, newlyweds, parents, students or children. Or, you can choose from video-driven series specifically designed for women’s groups or men's groups. You can lead a group that studies a particular book of the Bible or one that is topic oriented. The choice is yours.

RightNow Media has been purchased by our church and we’re giving it away for free to anyone who wants access to it.

Click the blue button and let's get you started!